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The Tree of Life is a collection of WWW pages illustrating the phylogenetic (or evolutionary) tree of organisms, and presenting information about the characteristics of thousands of different groups of organisms.

Each ToL page focuses on one particular group. At the top, there will usually be a few pictures of representatives of this group, followed by a phylogenetic tree or taxon list for the subgroups contained within the current group. The tree or taxon list is also one of the principal means of navigation along the branches of the Tree of Life: it has links to deeper parts of the tree (toward the root) and to finer parts of the tree (toward the tips). Below the tree may be various topics, including an introduction to the group, characteristics of members of the group, internet and literature references, etc.

At the top of each page, we provide links to the major sections of the ToL web site, while the right sidebar contains links to other pages within the current section of the ToL web site.

If you need additional information about using the ToL web site, please see the following pages:

Tree of Life Help