Building Treehouses: ToL Treehouse Builders

Building Treehouses: ToL Treehouse Builders

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Who can build treehouses?

Why Build Treehouses?

New Fall 06: Treehouse Builders can contribute to ToL Podcasts! Join ToL contributors from around the globe to create an open access digital library about biodiversity and the evolutionary history of organisms. Read more..


Treehouses are ToL web pages designed for learners and other people interested in learning about the Tree of Life.

What Can I Build?

What you put into a treehouse can range from write-ups of experiments to poems and songs in honor of your favorite organism. Treehouse builders can also contribute images, audio and video of the organisms that they are studying. From butterflies and frogs, to dinosaurs and fungi, treehouses are for celebrating and exploring the diversity of Life on Earth.

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As a treehouse builder you will:


Scientists and Science Education Enthusiasts

How will the Tree of Life use my work?

Contributors keep the copyright for any treehouses, images and other media submitted to the Tree of Life database, and a copyright notice is printed alongside all materials displayed on the ToL web site. Upon submitting a file, contributors grant the ToL Project non-exclusive rights of use. For detailed information about the available options, please see Tree of Life Use of Contributions.

What information will I need to supply when I build a treehouse or submit media?

When you upload a treehouse or media file to the ToL database, you need to provide the following required information:

  1. The name of the copyright owner
  2. The use permitted by the copyright owner (see above)

Additional Information you will need to supply for Treehouses

In addition to the name of the copyright owner and the use permitted by the copyright owner, when you compose a treehouse you are also required to provide:

There are several other fields to fill out that will make up the content of your treehouse page. To see example data entry forms with all of the information you will need to fill out please see the Treehouse Builders Guide.

Additional Information you will need to supply for Media

Please see Contributing Images and Other Media to the Tree of Life

System Requirements

Below are some system requirements and suggestions for users who would like to contribute ToL treehouses.

  1. Your computer needs to have cookies and java script turned on in order for you to login and contribute treehouses and media.
  2. Your web browser needs to support the Treehouse Editor and the ToL Easy Editor. The ToL Easy Editor is used to add text and media to your treehouse page. See the box below for the browsers that support the Easy Editor.
  • On a Mac, the ToL Easy Editor does not work in the following web browsers:
    • Safari
      • (the Easy Editor toolbar will appear but not work properly)
    • Internet Explorer on the Mac
      • (the Easy Editor toolbar will not appear)
  • We recommend that those on a Mac use the freely downloadable browser Firefox.
  • The ToL Easy Editor works in the following web browsers:
    • Firefox.
      • We recommend the freely downloadable browser Firefox for composing treehouse pages. We do the majority of our testing with Firefox.
    • Internet Explorer (IE) version 6.0.29 and above on Windows only.
      • Internet Explorer does not work on a Mac. (To view your version of IE, choose: Help - About Internet Explorer)
    • Netscape, Mozilla and any Mozilla based browser
    • Any browser based on Gecko

The ToL Easy Editor (toolbar pictured above). Make sure your browser is compatible with the ToL Easy Editor used for adding text and media.

Please contact with any questions you may have

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