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In order to find images, movies, or sounds of your favorite organisms, you can do a Media Search, or you can go to the branch or leaf page for a group, and open the collections menu in the right sidebar. There you will find links to pages that let you browse through the image or movie collection for your group (sound collections coming soon).

By default, new contributions will be listed first, but you can also select to have media files shown in random order. Click on an image thumbnail to view a larger version and to see the image data. Click on a movie thumbnail to play the movie and to see the movie data. You can also download movies to your computer, which is particularly useful if you have a slow internet connection.

If you would like to contribute your image, movie, or sound to these collections, sign up as a ToL media contributor, and then be sure to attach each of your contributions to a group in the Tree of Life.

Featured Video

The Wellcome Trust has produced a six minute video about the Tree of Life that appeared on the BBC One programme 'Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life' narrated by David Attenborough. You can watch/download different formats of this video, read the video transcript, play with the interactive version of the 'Tree of Life' and sign up to Tree of Life updates at the Wellcome Trust Tree of Life site.

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